New tour dates

17 Jun 2016

Thanks to our fans for making this tour an incredible experience! Our memories are buzzing with beautiful moments and vibrant nights. Here are some memories we wanted to share with you: > Magnetic Mag – LA concert review >


New video for »Running«

18 May 2016

After announcing the release of III’s second single “Running”, we are happy to present its visual accompaniment, directed by Jakob Grunert. Here is an Interview with him. Prior to the current US/CA tour, the video was produced at “The Boneyard”, the ...



13 May 2016

Moderat announce III’s second single “Running” and share Shed’s remix which is available for immediate download via iTunes today! Listen on Spotify -> HERE Listen/Download at Apple -> HERE Monkeytown will release “Running”, featuring the exclusive B-side “90% Wasser” on May ...


Moderat for BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix Series

08 May 2016

We’ve done this mix on the road. It’s pretty much what we’re listening to on the tour bus between the shows. The special thing about it is that we’ve all contributed to it. Three pretty different angles on electronic music. ...


III – Out now!

01 Apr 2016

Happy release day! ‘III’ is out and we’re more than happy to finally present you the third part of the trilogy. First reviews already arrived. 1. “a songcraft that goes beyond anything that Bronsert, Szary and Ring have offered before ” ...


III on tour with Shed + TTA.

06 Mar 2016

We are are happy to announce that Shed will accompany Moderat on all european concert dates (28.03 – 05.06) while Telefon Tel Aviv will support us on all US / CA dates. Telefon Tel Aviv Production wizard and vocalist Josh Eustis creates ...


Our new video for »Reminder«

19 Feb 2016

…a rebellious teenager slaves away in a dystopian world, harvesting crystals from a vast grey landscape. This sparkling bounty is given as an offering to a tribal deity, who resides in a shrine guarded by sentinels with green glowing masks, ...