It’ll take us a while but we’ll be back!

06 Sep 2017

Hi everybody, it’s hard to explain how it felt waking up after this last show, knowing a chapter of our lives had just come to an end. After so many months spent touring, you might end up taking all this for ...

We will keep you updated about important news and gigs in your area.

“It’s been an incredible 4 years as a band”

04 Aug 2017

When we started Moderat it was meant to be a fun-thing, a playground and sort of a vacation from our individual projects. It’s still fun and becoming a band after all these years was a real experience. A long way considering ...


Mount Kimbie climbs up on stage with us!

21 Jul 2017

Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force sadly can’t make it to Berlin in September due to unforeseen circumstances. We are however, super happy to announce that our friends from Mount Kimbie will be supporting us at our final concert instead. The ...


Throwback to Glastonbury, Field Day + …

14 Jul 2017

Hey Guys, as pictures are worth a thousand words, we are looking back at what we’ve been up to so far in 2017. Glastonbury_©Ralf Metzler This was actually the first time we have ever played in the sunlight. Read more about Glastonbury ...


Official release of “Live” Vinyl Box Set

16 Jun 2017

To all the lovers and collectors. We have come from far, seen the world and three albums later our chapter III is coming to an end. It been an inspiring journey touring from Berlin to more than 50 countries. Photo © Chris ...


Broadcasted live from Sonar

15 Jun 2017

We are playing this weekend at Sonar in Barcelona. If you can’t be be part of the upcoming festivals and shows, you can at least tune into a Live stream on Friday night, 16.06 at 01:00am (UTC+01:00)) → here Photo ...


    New Tour & Festival Dates in 2017

    07 Feb 2017

    We are looking back on an incredible year. Thanks to all of you who came to see our shows in 2016. It has been the best atmosphere imaginable to present III to you – a great experience captured on our ...


    Moderat “Live” Out Now!

    25 Nov 2016

    “Live” is Moderat’s first-ever live album. It was recorded mainly at Berlin’s Velodrom on June 5, 2016 during a hometown show that sold out in a matter of minutes. And now it’s here. From Berlin to your hands, with love. Listen ...