»Gita« x UNICEF

09 Oct 2013 |

When UNICEF approached Moderat to ask for a possible support for they new initiative against domestic violence »ENDViolence«, the band did not hesitate and immediately agreed to contribute to this campaign.

The result  is a video directed by Juan Carlos Maneglia and Tana Schembori, two internationally recognized and award-winning Paraguayan filmmakers, that puts the spotlight on breaking the cycle of abuse, telling a story of domestic violence through the eyes of a child experiencing it in his own home.  With the help of caring adults, the boy finds the courage to speak out, and in doing so, puts an end to the violence and helps his family to heal.

»When UNICEF asked us if they could use ›Gita‹ for a video for their campaign against domesteic violence, we agreed immediately. Working together with UNICEF means being part of something for the greater good.
We are very happy to be involved and hope that we can help to make a change.«
Gernot, Sebastian, Sascha aka Moderat)