Moderat Experiments

18 Jun 2013 |

Do you know what happens when bacteria from the artist is sampled, compounded, and grown?
Expect this and more curious experiments, bridging the waiting time until August 2013, when the new Moderat album »II« is due to be released.

Modeselektor & Apparat are Moderat:

When two well-established electronic projects join forces to record an album, you can expect something rather unique. After 4 years of growth, trial, error and deeper exploration, the outcome of the second merger can only be hypothesized as a brilliant new anomaly.

The creative process for 2 stylistically-varying yet harmonious acts is not a science; rather than entering the studio with a master plan, the trio have set sail and combined ingredients with a true pursuit to develop and create something completely by chance.

To represent their freedom to morph and mutate, Moderat shares visualized analogies in a series of small Dadaistic experiments. Those experiments will be realized with the help of skilled scientists, like Ruediger Trojok, specialists and DDB Tribal Berlin and will be publicly displayed at Platoon Kunsthalle in Berlin. All experiments will continuously be displayed at the main page of