Official release of “Live” Vinyl Box Set

16 Jun 2017 |

To all the lovers and collectors. We have come from far, seen the world and three albums later our chapter III is coming to an end. It been an inspiring journey touring from Berlin to more than 50 countries.

Photo © Chris Molina – Instagram: @auburn_sky


We melted our live performance into a vinyl box-set for you. As the 500 limited edition colour vinyl sets sold out very fast, here is a link to 1500 more pieces of black vinyl box sets for you (released today, 16.06.2017).

It includes: a 20 page exclusive photo book “In my eyes” by Brigit Kaulfuss, 2 x 12’’ black vinyls and a cardboard box set with a hand printed illustration.

Thank you for being part of it and see you at upcoming festivals and our final show in Berlin!

Photo © Chris Molina – Instagram: @auburn_sky

Photo © Metz

Photo © Chris Molina ⏐ Instagram: @auburn_sky

Photo © Gernot


Cheers and see you on tour!